Introduction to Limagrain Zaad South Africa

We are a new Joint Venture company combining the forces of 3 leading seed companies based in South Africa – Limagrain Zaad South Africa.

Limagrain Zaad South Africa is the amalgam of Link Seed (Group Limagrain); Klein Karoo (Zaad Holdings) and Seed Co - the largest seed company on the Continent of Africa.

We are one company providing a competitive Multi-Crop alternative for Farmers in Southern Africa (South Africa; Lesotho, Eswatini and Namibia).

Limagrain Zaad South Africa has a unified Sales Team selling 3 top brands of seeds – LG; K2 and Seed Co.

We are the combination of 3 leading Seed Groups:

Limagrain - a French farmer owned cooperative created and led by farmers in the Auvergne region of France, and the fourth largest seed company in the world.

Seed Co – the leading seed company in the Continent of Africa, with a significant investment in breeding for African farmers.

Zaad – develops a broad range of agronomy, forage and vegetable seeds into mainly Africa, Europe and other emerging international markets.

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