Limagrain Zaad South Africa – Farmer Owned Farmer Led

September 2020

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Limagrain Zaad South Africa – Farmer Owned Farmer Led

Location: Greytown

Date: September 2020

Limagrain Zaad South Africa is a new force in the seed industry. It represents the coming together of Link Seed (Group Limagrain), Klein Karoo Seed Marketing or K2 (Zaad Group), and Seed Co South Africa – (part of the largest seed company on the Continent of Africa).

Group Limagrain is a Farmer Owned and Farmer Led cooperative based in the Auvergne region in the heart of France. For more than 50 years, the 1,500 farmers that own Limagrain have collaborated with other farmers and agronomic institutions to build local seed businesses that deliver adapted varieties for farmers, large or small across 6 continents.
Farmers, the world over, take a long-term view of their activities to ensure a sustainable future for future generations. This long-term culture coupled with a strong sense of perseverance is a guiding principal for Limagrain.

 “Limagrain is company of men and women, not capital. Our Farmer members are not anonymous, they know our people and our business. For all key decisions, we have a democratic model, the same voting rights for all - one person = one vote", explained Limagrain Chairman - Pascal Viguier.

Left, Pascal Viguier (Chairman and Farmer) with Damien Bourgarel (Salaried CEO) right.

Employing the tandem of a Farmer Chairman and Salaried CEO for each of its 56 subsidiaries around the world, Limagrain has a unique model of governance. This ensures that it is Farmers who approve the strategic direction of the business with the aim of progressing agriculture today and in the futur

Eugene Mueller, the CEO of Limagrain Zaad South Africa

“Limagrain Zaad South Africa is not only a new force in the seed industry here in Southern Africa. It is a new approach in agriculture that we believe will bring strong benefits for all growers.  Having Farmers at the heart of everything we do will be a breath of fresh air for our agricultural communities", commented Eugene Mueller, the CEO of Limagrain Zaad South Africa.

For more information:

Riaan Malherbe,, 083 269 4668.

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